Grafik STI2024
Grafik STI2024


Welcome to the STI 2024 Conference Program. Here, you will find detailed information about the scientific sessions, keynote speeches, and special events and special sessions scheduled for the 28th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators 2024. A preliminary version of the program is available for download.

Special events

Designed to encourage networking, collaboration and discussion among participants, these events provide unique opportunities to engage with experts in the field.

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Lutz Bornmann from Max-Planck-Gesellschaft will deliver this year's Garfield Memorial Lecture. He will talk about the societal impact of research, a subject of great interest to our community. The title of his lecture is "Investigating the Relationship of Science and Society Based on Scientometric Data: A Lecture Based on Exemplary Studies." 

The annual Garfield Memorial Lecture is hosted by Clarivate.

The ‘Closing GTM 2024 - Opening STI 2024’ Reception will start directly after the Garfield Memorial Lecture.

Closing GTM 2024 - Opening STI 2024 
Venue: STI 2024 Conference Venue, Room "Atrium". Participation is limited to 170 persons - first come,  first serve

On Wednesday morning, we offer a Check-in lounge where you can meet other PhD students, engage in some fun interactions, or just take a rest. At the lounge, we will also have some roundtable discussions with invited experts about different topics related to STI. On Friday after the conference, we want to enjoy the city together: You can chose between a city tour and a museum visit. Afterwards, we want to share some drinks!

Wednesday, 18 September
9.00-12.30Drop by in the ‘Check-in Lounge’ for early career researchers:Prisma
- Get to know your colleagues
- Take part in our quiz
- Get tips for your Berlin experience
- Sign up for the museum visit or sightseeing on Friday
11.15-12.30Meet the experts:Prisma
- Have a question about a particular method? Need advice on your publication strategy? Planning a research stay abroad?
- Senior researchers and experts in different areas will answer your questions and share their experiences in small groups. List of experts to be announced.
Friday, 20 September
17.00-20.00Museum and Sightseeing:Meeting point t.b.a.
- Join us visiting the video game museum (, where you get free entry,
- OR, alternatively, discover sites within walkable distance from the conference venue with Berliners, directly after the conference.
Both groups will get together later to have some food and to warm up for Berlin nightlife.

The Women in Science Policy (WISP) initiative aims to advocate for women in science policy and to build a network for researchers who identify as women to share their experiences. The first-ever WISP event took place at STI 2022 in Granada, Spain, and has since been established as an annual networking event at the STI conference. At STI 2023 in Leiden, the Netherlands, the WISP organized a successful event which provided networking opportunities and a “Career Talk!” with several panelists sharing their diverse career paths and career advice with WISP attendees.

This year, the WISP event at STI 2024 will focus on engagement with policy-makers. By inviting several distinguished panelists to share career experiences in areas relevant to science policy and to facilitate the potential collaboration opportunities between women researchers interested in quantitative and qualitative science studies and science policy.

While the focus is on food for thoughts, we will also provide food and drinks to maintain your energy level. The WISP hopes to create a place to let women within the STI network have an opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas and concerns central to being a woman in the science policy space. We believe this will help to make cooperation and exchange between research and practice more fruitful, not least due to greater openness to the specific needs and sensitivities on both sides.

If you want to know more about the WISP, follow us on Twitter or Linkedin. Look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Date: September 18 (Wed.) / Venue: STI2024 Conference venue, room "Spektrum"


Time (CET time)Activity
18.40-18.50Welcome remark
- Introduction of the WISP
18.50-19.30Breaking the wall
- Several panelists will share their career path and experiences in science policy especially. (15 minutes)
- Discussion and Q&A (25 minutes)
20.20-20.30Wrap up and closing remark

In order to attend the WISP event, you need to register for STI 2024. While registering for STI 2024, you will be asked whether you would like to attend the WISP network meeting. Please note, that participation is limited to 60 persons on a "first come, first serve” basis.

We look forward to welcoming you to the STI 2024 conference dinner on 18 September at 20.00 in the Dinosaur Hall  of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. The exhibition DINOSAURS!  will also be open for us and you can join one of the guided tours  between 19.30 and 21.30. 

To attend the dinner event, you need to register for STI 2024. When registering for STI 2024 you will be asked if you wish to attend the dinner.