Instructions for authors

Contributions must be submitted using the EasyChair platform. If you already have an EasyChair account, please follow this link and log in with your EasyChair login details.

If you do not yet have an EasyChair account, please go to the EasyChair website and click on "create an account". Provide the requested information and follow the instructions step by step.

Note: Bear in mind that the email address entered in this step will be the one to which your registration confirmation will be sent, and subsequently all the information related to your abstract, paper or poster.

Entering as an author: With your username and password, access the system through the link: and click on "make a new submission". Follow the instructions, step by step, and then use the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. The required fields are marked by *.

Note: Please check the instructions for the abstract submission process you find here:

Peer Review: This year, the peer review of papers and posters will be mixed. Every person submitting will also review up to three papers, and we will additionally rely on a group of selected peers to support the reviewing process. So, some of you might receive an email soon..

Deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 23 April 2024, notifications of decisions will be shared in early June 2024.